Create a Brand that Matters to your Audience

Digital Strategy | Audience Engagement | Analytics & Insight

Creating USEFUL Digital Experiences that Engage your AUDIENCE

Generate Leads

Generating leads and new sales is driven by knowing who to target, how to reach your audience and what to deliver.

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Build Relationships

Defining your audience and using targeted content you increase awareness of your brand, build trust, and drive higher conversion rates.

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Market Effectively

In order to produce highly valued and desired marketing campaigns, you need to review the data on your marketing efforts.  

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Get focused and improve your Marketing Spend!

PeopleWerx can help you and your team focus and be more effective with your Marketing spend

We know it is hard to build an audience, engage users online, monitor competitors, respond to queries and so much more. We also know that building an online brand is a little harder then most people think. Factor in the time demands for managing your website, social channels, email marketing, and now mobile accessibility and what is left for your actual business? 

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Providing practical and actionable workshops designed to help you move forward with focus

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Mentor Program

We roll up our sleeves and work with your team to provide strategies and tactics to build your brand.

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Attention, Builds Trust, and Converts your Audience?